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My name is Dominik and I have been passionate about art since I was able to hold a pen.
But I will also tell you about the things beside art that I'm passionate about.
For example music which is just as important to me as visual art. In my opinion art and
music interact with each other in a way that makes the sum of both greater than their
individual parts. They contribute to each other which is quite fascinating to me. Therefore music is
my greatest source of inspiration. I'm also trying to improve my knowledge of photography, even though
I'm just an hobbyist. I will stop my introduction at this point. Feel free to write me a message.
I am open for work and would love start a project for/with you.


Personal Info
Name: Dominik Pfaff
Address: Heiligensteiner Str. 50, 67354 Römerberg
Phone: Just Ask
Email: dominik.pfaff.1988(at)web.de


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